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A New World Disorder is a romantic thriller that exposes corporate and political abuse beyond anyone’s imagination including Molly Richards a young naïve director of a humanitarian aid organization.

When Molly finds herself involved in crimes linked to America’s corporations as well as a Russian mob that seems stronger than La Cosa Nostra she turns to intelligence agencies only to find herself the target of each of them.

Framed for a murder that she could not possibly have committed, Molly takes flight, but her trip leads her through even more harrowing adventures with an outcome that will surprise even the most cynical among us...Read more

Welcome To A New World Disorder

Thank you for visiting and we hope you find the information here helpful in your search for answers and understanding. You’ve come to an extraordinary site. Without bias or false claims, it spans a wide variety of topics from government conspiracies to New Age Movement theories and One World Order manipulation, while uniting them all under one ambitious purpose: to inspire you to seek knowledge and understanding of the world around you.

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Take a look around you now. What do you see? What are you expected to see? Even though we are raised into an illusion of safety of Western society, our world is filled with terror and disaster. How can we trust the government to tell us the truth and do the right thing? Should we give up our freedom to think, reason, and decide in exchange for comfort?...Read more